Report a problem

In this section you can report a missed bin, abandoned vehicle, or breach of planning control, and report potholes or other highways faults to Hertfordshire County Council.

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  • Missed bins

    Report a missed bin. A bin is classed as missed if it was available on the boundary at the time the collection took place and was presented according to our guidelines.

  • Noise

    Noise from many different sources can cause distress - if it does, we have powers to deal with it.

  • Potholes, streetlights and other highway faults

    This page redirects to Hertfordshire County Council's reporting page for faults including potholes, streetlights, traffic signals, congestion and other hazards.

  • Fly-tipping

    Please report fly-tipping. The council treats this problem very seriously and will consider prosecution of anyone caught repeatedly fly-tipping waste.

  • Graffiti and fly-posting

    If you would like to report incidents of graffiti or fly-posting on council property or street furniture please contact us.

  • Pest Control

    We offer a comprehensive subsidised pest control service for domestic premises.

  • Planning Enforcement

    We can investigate, identify and resolve breaches of planning control.

  • Litter and Litter Bins

    Creating litter is an offence, as well as being unsightly and dangerous to animals.

  • Dog Waste Bins

    It is every dog owner's responsibility to clean up after their dog.

  • Reporting an abandoned vehicle

    Information about abandoned vehicles, reporting or reclaiming them and disposing of unwanted vehicles.

  • Reporting an abandoned shopping trolley

    It is estimated that more than 100,000 trolleys go astray from supermarkets each year.

  • Grounds Maintenance

    For grass cutting and other grounds maintenance issues

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