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The Council owns and manages 46 allotment gardens in the borough . Some wards have more than one site and some have none, however, you are never too far away from an allotment. We have over 500 plots.   Here are the details of where our sites are, how to rent one, and other useful information about growing your own vegetables, fruit, herbs or flowers.

Allotment Plot 1 Benefits of having an allotment

Having an allotment is a great activity for you or all the family.  It is a wonderful excuse to get outside, get physical, learn something new and meet other people in your area.  It provides low cost local organic fresh fruit and vegetables as well as promoting a sense of achievement and well being and can reduce stress.  If you want to lower your carbon footprint and be part of a growing community then read on!

Things to Consider Before Taking a Plot

Although the benefits of having an allotment are obvious it is worth taking the time to consider a few points before applying for an allotment to help you decide whether renting an allotment is for you.

Waiting Lists

Following national neglect during the 70's, 80s and 90s, allotments have increased in popularity in recent years, leading to a huge increase in interest for allotments.   Since 2010 we have opened six new sites and divided some of our larger plots in order to meet demand, however people still usually have to wait a period of time before being an offered an allotment.  Most of our sites are fully occupied and there is usually movement on sites throughout the year.

We operate a waiting list for each site that we manage.

Applying for an Allotment

If you are interested in renting an allotment, look at the allotment locations and site details to see which sites would be best for you. To be added to the waiting list please  contact us on 01707 357329 or email allotments@welhat.gov.uk.

Allotment Locations and Site Details

We manage 26 allotment gardens in Welwyn Garden City and 16 in Hatfield. Look at the allotment locations and site details for more information.

Other Sites in the Borough

Some allotment sites in the borough are managed by town or parish councils as well as allotment associations. Please contact them directly if you are interested in renting a plot as they manage their own waiting lists:


School Lane, Essendon Parish Council, essendonparishcouncil@gmail.com   07581 699 597


Green Lanes, Hatfield Town Council, enquiries@hatfield-herts.gov.uk   01707 262 023

Welham Green

Station Road, North Mymms Parish Council,   01707 268 418


Lockleys Drive, Welwyn Parish CouncilClerk@welwynpc.org.uk   01438 716 667

Welwyn Garden City

Broadwater Crescent, Longcroft Allotment Association email@longcroftallotmentassociation.org.uk

Welwyn Garden City

Digswell Nursery, Off Brockswood Lane, Longcroft Allotment Association    email@longcroftallotmentassociation.org.uk


Plot Size and Charges

Charges depends on the size of the plot and whether the allotment has a water supply. Plots vary in size from 75 to 200 square metres and costs are calculated per 25 square metres.   The rates are as follows:

  • Allotment sites with water:           £11.04 per 25m2
  • Allotment sites without water:     £6.72 per 25m2.

Allotment Plot 5 Discounts

Concessions are as follows:

  • Low Income Concessions: A 50% concession is available for people on income support.
  • Age-Related Concessions: A 50% concessions will apply for people over the age of 65.


Tenants receive an invoice each April for the 12 month period 1st April to 31st March.  Details of how to pay are on the invoice and you can pay in the following ways:

  • Online via our website (select debtor invoices starting with 2).
  • Via our automated payment line on 01707 357755 (select option 3 - invoice number starting with 2) .
  • By cheque by post made payable to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.
  • By cash at a paypoint outlet.
  • In person at our payment kiosk in the Council Office reception.
  • Paypoint Card at the Post Office with cash or cheque.

Allotment Tenancy Agreement

Once you have received an offer of an allotment and visited the site with the Allotments Officer to view the plot, the Allotment Tenancy Agreement needs to be read and signed by you and returned to us. Once we have received a signed copy we will send you the key to the site.

All the site rules are contained within the  pdf icon Allotment Tenancy Agreement [111KB]

 The key points in the agreement require the tenant to:


We regularly inspect our sites and plots to ensure that the rules contained within the agreement are being adhered to. The process of enforcement is essential to ensure that standards on our allotments are improved to the benefit of current tenants, people who are on the waiting list, the surrounding community and the local environment.  If any of the clauses within the tenancy agreement are breached by the tenant then we start the enforcement process by sending a notice. As long as the breach is remedied within the required 28 days, then the tenancy does not have to be terminated. Inspections are also important to ensure that the basics on the allotment site, such as fences, gates and water are maintained.


We circulate a newsletter to all tenants twice a year and arrange a series of free evening allotment talks throughout the year.  Often we hold gardening related events, particularly during National Allotment Week and run competitions throughout the year.

For 2015, we have several allotment talks planned and our first is on March 4th with Geoff Hodge on Bugs and Garden Plagues held at the Welwyn Civic Centre.

Allotment News

All allotment holders receive a newsletter. If you are a plot holder or keen gardener and would like to contribute to the newsletter, please contact us.

pdf icon Allotment News (Autumn 2017) [1MB]

Previous editions

pdf icon Allotment News (Spring 2017) [835KB]

pdf icon Allotment News (Autumn 2017) [1MB]

pdf icon Allotment News (Autumn 2016) [1MB]

pdf icon Allotment News (Autumn 2015) [964KB]

pdf icon Allotment News (Spring 2015) [803KB]

pdf icon Allotment News (Autumn 2014) [794KB]

pdf icon Allotment News (Autumn 2013) [829KB]

pdf icon Allotment News (Summer 2012) [1MB]

pdf icon Allotment News (Winter 2012) [1MB]

Giving Up Your Allotment

If you want to give up your allotment, please complete the pdf icon Surrender of Allotment Tenancy Form [74KB]and either post it to us or email it to allotments@welhat.gov.uk. Please return the key to us and ensure that all of your belongings are removed from the plot within 10 days of the surrender date.  We might carry out a final inspection of the plot to ensure that it is handed back to us in a reasonable condition. If however you become ill and cannot look after your allotment, contact the allotment officer to discuss ways of managing your allotment until you can garden again.

Allotment Plot 2 Growing Vegetables at Home

If you feel that an allotment is not for you, then why not try growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs at home?


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